Don’t Wine About It

To be fair, it gets harder to enjoy our “side hobbies” as we take on all the responsibilities that come with age. Have you ever dismissed new hobbies because you simply haven’t had the time?  If you think about it though.. most of us love to relax with a glass of wine each week, and the older we get the more we seem to enjoy it!  If older age correlates to slowing down, there’s one area where that’s a big bonus.  The skill of brewing and distilling wine is a practice with such great respect, as it involves something that other recreations don’t. With the art of distilling, one must have great patience and profundity; as long as you follow the proper steps, your reward is shown through the ability to wait. We already have busy enough days as it is – yet with brewing wine, the initial steps require most of your attention rather than something that needs continual focus. Here is something you can enjoy with your family, and share with your friends. So why wait to learn the well-crafted and easy-to-follow steps of this noble art? By clicking here you can learn to brew to your heart’s content. While you wait for the fermentation of your wine, you can click here to learn about fun recipes to implement this summer

-Atticus Grey