UPF Hat Protection is Beautiful

Following an article on protecting aging skin from the sun fairly recently (found here), it is a subject that needs reiteration and flare! From childhood to adulthood, sunscreen goes from a nuisance to a necessity. Forgetting to apply sunscreen can be all too easy, but if you wear the correct clothes, it can be forgotten without severe consequences. From fun sun-dresses to exciting sun-hats, protecting your skin from the sun is now a must-have summer style! 

The following article walks you through how to find the most protective sun-wear, and even suggests some articles of clothing for you. Let’s work together to bring back those darling Kentucky Derby sun-hats and matching pastel shirts for our men! Sun damage is responsible for nice things like a tan or cute freckles, but along with those comes wrinkles, rough skin, dark spots, and even cancer in severe cases. Taking care of our skin is not only critical, but now it’s fashionable too. Enjoy this excuse to go on a shopping spree and find clothes that look incredible and make your skin feel incredible at the same time! 

UPF hats are the best