Time to pick up at least 1 of these!

May is a great time to make a plan for picking up a new activity, or refreshing an old past time with new vigor!  These sports below are great for most seniors, and we’re including a few links from past blogs on AgingTopic where we covered good resources.

  1. Pickleball – A low-impact racket sport that is easy on the joints and can be played indoors or outdoors.  Laughter and Pickleball  Where To Start Playing Pickleball
  2. Golf – A low-impact sport that promotes physical activity and social interaction.  golf-can-be-good-for-osteoarthritis/    will-it-be-golf-archery-or-walking-soccer/
  3. Swimming – A great way to stay active and reduce stress on the joints. bathing-suit-benefits-at-our-age/
  4. Walking – A low-impact activity that is easy to do and can be done almost anywhere. best-workout-for-women-over-50-30-min-a-day/  barefoot-in-your-own-park/
  5. Tai Chi – A gentle form of exercise that improves balance, flexibility, and overall well-being.
  6. Yoga – A form of exercise that promotes flexibility, strength, and relaxation.  14-million-americans-are-doing-yoga-whycouples-yoga-increases-bonds/
  7. Cycling – A low-impact activity that can be done outdoors or indoors on a stationary bike.  parkinsons-and-high-intensity-cycling/  exercise-in-your-golden-years/
  8. Dancing – A fun way to stay active and socialize with others.  dancing-muscle-memory-better-balance-and-sharper-mind/  dance-vs-hiit-to-stop-progression-of-parkinsons/
  9. Bowling – A low-impact activity that promotes hand-eye coordination and social interaction.
  10. Hiking – A great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise.  preparing-to-backpack-in-your-sixties/

Seniors should consult with their doctor before starting any new exercise program to ensure it is safe for them.